Literary analysis

That day is a story written by David Kherdian who is known for writing the road from home. David Kherdian writings are concentrated in short stories but detailed usually in poem form. But today we will be contrasting and comparing the poem version and the story version of “that day” we will be stating the main idea and the details.

First, i will analyze “that day” that day is a poem about how David’s father played softball with him and the touched him, it touched him becauce his father never played softball David’s father was born in the country and never has heard of that game this may embrass himself and that is probably why david took that as his father living gesture to his son forme a greater bond that david eould ever expects.

Next i will be comparing the story “about that day” in the poem and the story they both talked about a father who made his son the best day of his life the author gave the reader more about what the fathers did to make it the best day for his son , his father was coming home from work then he saw the children playing softball and he joined and that touched his son heart and fulled his son full of joy and that made his son’s best day of life.

So in conclusion they both have the same events but in a different form. In my opinion the story gives more facts.


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