The true Friday the 13 horror

Once upon the time it was Friday 12 and 3 kids had went to the hotel that was behind a lake but a kid drowned there . The 3 kid didn’t think it was much of a problem. They thought staying in the hotel for a day wouldn’t be bad but little did they know what would happen. later that night the light went off, they went to the hall way and went to the elevator and was with a shady person looking at him they didn’t decide to make contact . Later the shady person said remember me friends. creeped the kids started walking to the counter but the man said just remember me please. The kid rushed to the counter but no one there. After the lights flickered and wall had blood spelling REMEMBER ME. scared the kids ran out the door but the shady person said its me JASON and the kid looked at the his watched the microsecond it turned Friday the 13 the whole building exploded. Jason said at least remember this day . and the kid woke up in a hospital.

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